Happy almost-summer, Mac Doc followers! Who knew that Colorado was going to become the Pacific Northwest? C’mon sun, you can do it!!

My big news, first off, is that I’m leaving the country on a much-needed vacation, for almost the entire month of June. Don’t despair, I’ve spoken to Chris Kennedy, of Apple Core Technologies in Montrose, and he’s more than willing to help cover for me while I’m away. His email and phone number are available on his webpage, but here’s his number if you just want to make note of it quick while you’re reading this: (970) 901-3051. Also, if you’re in need of help from an Apple-certified hardware repair center, I recommend Simply Mac in Grand Junction. Here’s a tip about Simply Mac though: if you call, don’t bother leaving a message for their service department, as they’re so busy that they rarely return phone calls (in my experience). Instead, call their main number and see if you can make an appointment through one of their sales people. Better yet, just make note of their hours and head to GJ with you know they’ll be open.

I’ll be back in the office on July 1, refreshed and ready to help with anything I can. Where am I headed for vacay, you ask? My wife Mallory and I are headed to Italy for more than two weeks of bike touring, followed by sightseeing excursions in Florence and Amsterdam! I am so ready for a vacation…

As for the rest of the summer, I plan to move into the phase of my recorded video classes, starting with the Photos program. I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on my first video that I shared awhile back, and am excited about doing more!

In the meantime, keep being vigilant about avoiding all those phishing scams and other hoaxes flooding the tech world these days. In essence, don’t believe any alarming message you get about your computer, etc, especially if the message contains threatening language about “locking you out of your account” or “not being able to recover some of your data”. The scarier the claim, the more likely it is that’s is a scam. Maybe someday the powers that be will actually start trying to do something about all these scams, but in the meantime, be careful out there!

Thanks, as always, for supporting the Mac Doctor.