My first video class is ready!

Happy Spring, Mac Doc followers! When last I wrote, I said not to mention the ‘D’ word, but the winter we’ve had has almost banished that awful reality from our minds. It’s simply astounding that we could have such opposite winters one year after the other. With the promise of a nice, wet, green spring on the horizon, let’s move on to the first Mac Doc news in quite some time…

As the headline above makes clear, I finally have my first video class available. I’ve decided to make this one free, to give you all a chance to see if the concept, and my style, will work for you before I start making more. All future videos will only be available on a pay-to-view basis. I’m still working out those details, but I hope to be able to offer a subscription version as well. Anyway, here are the details about this first class:

Class #1; A Mac Overview, is a almost 70 minutes long, and gives you a thorough walk-through of the basic Mac interface, focusing primarily on the Finder, where you’ll learn how to navigate your Mac, with side-trips to the menubar, Dock and System Preferences.

You’ll need this password to view the video: stevejobs

Feel free to share the link to the video, along with the password, but please urge anyone you share it with to sign up for this email newsletter as well, if only so they’ll be notified when new classes are available!

Probably the best part of this whole new approach to doing classes is that you can download the video, making it possible for you to watch at your own pace, whenever you want, over and over again if you want as well. What could be better, right?

Please let me know your thoughts about this first class. I want constructive criticism, because I know it will only make future classes better.

Thanks, as always, for supporting the Mac Doctor.