Whoosh, where did the summer go?!? Oh well, I’m still hoping for a nice long Indian Summer. And traditionally, that doesn’t start until we get our first frost. Anyone care to wager when that will be? It definitely feels like fall lately. Must be time to start taking Mac classes again!
Class list for September 2015:
Tues., September 15th, from 5:30-7:30 pmKeep Track of Your Life; Ridgway Library
Tues., September 29th (NOT the usual last-wednesday-of-the-month!), from 5-7 pmFREE iPhone/iPad Overview; Ridgway Library
The details:
 First up, continuing the new Tuesday evening schedule I started this summer, on September 15th, from 5:30-7:30 pm, I’m presenting a new class: Keep Track of Your Life! When you think about everything there is to keep track of in our lives these days: your grocery list, work schedule, doctor appointments and even your passwords, it can certainly be crazy-making. I realized that everyone could use a class that covers all the amazing tools we have at our fingertips to organize and manage our lives. From the simple built-in ones like Notes and Reminders or Microsoft OneNote on your Mac & iPhone, to the more advanced tools like Evernote & OmniFocus, there are some powerful fools out there to help you hold everything together. Come learn how to keep track of your life! Cost for this class is $20, and will be held at the Ridgway Library. Please let me know if you plan to attend.
 Lastly, due to travel commitments, I’m doing my free Library class a day early this month. For September, it’s the FREE Mac iPad/iPhone Overview, on TUESDAY, September 29th from 5-7 pm. This class is held in the small meeting room at the Library, and space is limited, so you have to sign up. The Library staff has asked that I handle the sign ups, so give me a call at 970-417-8434 (or drop me an email) if you’d like to attend. (Be aware that first-timers take priority over anyone who has taken the class before, but there are often openings for repeaters).
I hope to see you all at a class sometime soon.