I’ll bet you all were wondering what happened to me this month! In all honesty, I’ve been struggling to find time for classes in the next couple months. This always happens in November and December, but this year seems especially busy. Anyway, I’ve once again decided to offer just one Saturday class in November and December, plus the usual free Library classes. Hopefully they’ll fit into your busy schedules as well! On to the details…
Class list for November 2014:
Wed., Nov. 19th, from 5-7 pm: FREE iPad/iPhone Overview; Ridgway Library
Sat., Nov. 22nd, from 10-noon: How to Use “Cloud” Storage;  Ridgway Library
Please remember to let me know if you plan to attend any of these classes; if I get enough commitments ahead of time, I don’t have to send out a nagging reminder!
 First up this month (for a change), I will be doing my regular last-Wednesday-of-the-month class at the Library. This month, it’s the FREE iPad/iPhone Overview, on Wednesday, November 19th from 5-7 pm. This class is held in the Library’s small conference room. Space is limited, so you have to sign up, and the Library has asked that I handle the sign ups, so give me a call at 970-417-8434 (or drop me an email) if you’d like to attend. (Be aware that first-timers take priority over anyone who has taken the class before, but there are often openings for repeaters).

 Then, on Saturday, November 22nd, from 10 am to noon in the Ridgway Library meeting room, I’m offering a new class I’m calling How to Use”Cloud” Storage. The more we do on our computers, smart phones and tablets, the more important it is that we have it all backed up. And having at least some (if not all) of it available online is extremely helpful to boot. That’s where all the various “cloud-based” storage services come in. From Dropbox to Google Drive, iCloud to CrashPlan and Carbonite, how are we to keep it all straight? This class is designed to help you figure it all out… Come discover how to take full advantage of all these tools, and learn how to use them to back up your stuff, as well as access it from all your devices! This class is $20, and it will be held at the Ridgway Library. It’s open to drop-ins (but please let me know if you plan to attend).

Take care everyone, and don’t worry, it’ll be dumping snow any day now!!