Here it is, March 1st, and the weather has definitely been spring-like for a couple weeks now, hasn’t it? It seems ages ago that it just wouldn’t stop snowing. I hear it’s going to pick back up in that department in the next week or so; we all know it’s not over yet. Lot’s of Mac class options again this month too!!

Class list for March 2016:

  • Weds., March 16th, from 5-7 pm: Pages (Apple’s word processing program); Ridgway Library
  • Sat., March 19th, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Ah Haa School in Telluride: Manage Your Photos!; iPhoto is out, and the new Photos app is where it’s at! Learn the best techniques for managing photos across all your devices. (This class is $65, and you need to sign up through the Ah Haa School at the link above.)
  • Thurs., March 24th, from 3-5 pm: Social Networking/Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.); Proximity Space, Montrose
  • Weds., March 30th, from 5-7 pm: FREE iPhone/iPad Overview; Ridgway Library

The details:

 First off, on Wednesday, March 16th, from 5-7 pm, at the Ridgway Library, I’ll be covering a program I haven’t in quite a while: Pages for Mac. In this class you will learn how to master Apple’s word-processing/page layout program, which just happens to be a good deal more user-friendly (and fun to use) than Microsoft Word! I will likely have time to cover the functionality of the iPad version as well, if that’s of interest to the class attendees. Cost for this class is $20. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

 Then, on Saturday, March 19th, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Ah Haa School in Telluride, I’ll be teaching you how to… Manage Your Photos! This class will help you get a grip on all aspects of photo management on all your “iDevices,” from the new editing tools available within Photos, to the myriad new (and old, but updated) storage and cataloging tools. We’ll cover things like the new Lightroom Mobile app as well as the incredible storage offerings from services like Flickr and Microsoft OneDrive. Lastly, we’ll cover the best techniques of managing your photos across all your devices, including Mac-based computers, and take a look at some great camera/photo apps! Cost for this class is $65, and you must register with the Ah Haa School at the link above.

 Next, on Thursday, March 24th, from 3-5 pm, at Proximity Space in Montrose, I’ll be covering another popular topic I haven’t hit recently: Social Networking/Marketing. If you’ve been meaning to finally build yourself (or your business, club, etc.) a Facebook page, or try Twitter or the ever-more-popular Instagram, then this class is for you. The emphasis will be on figuring out how to navigate these popular social sites, especially as the way they work is constantly being updated and changed! At the same time, you’ll learn how to maintain the levels of privacy we all prefer. Of course, I will also cover the ways in which these tools can be put to use in marketing a business. Cost for this class is $20, and as always, please let me know if you plan to attend.

 Lastly, it’s the FREE Mac iPad/iPhone Overview, on Wednesday, March 30th from 5-7 pm at the Ridgway Library. This class is held in the small meeting room at the Library, and space is limited, so you have to sign up. The Library staff has asked that I handle the sign ups, so give me a call at 970-417-8434 (or drop me an email) if you’d like to attend. (Be aware that first-timers take priority over anyone who has taken the class before, but there are often openings for repeaters).

I hope to see you all at a class sometime soon.