Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Yikes, It’s hot out there, isn’t it? I hope you can find time in your busy summer schedules to come inside for a Mac Doctor class!! 

Only one focused class again this month, but it’s one we all can use (again)!

Class list for July 2015:

Tues., July 21st, from 5:30-7:30 pmiTunes; Ridgway Library
Wed., July 29th, from 5-7 pmFREE iPhone/iPad Overview; Ridgway Library

The details:

 First up, on my new Tuesday evening schedule, July 21st, from 5:30-7:30 pm, I’m repeating a class I did two months ago: iTunes. It was a packed house then, and what with the recent announcements about Apple Music, not to mention all the different content one can load on their iDevice these days, iTunes has gotten all the more important in managing it all. To top it off, the program has undergone another overhaul (just this week!) If you’ve been wanting to learn all the ins and outs of this wild & crazy music/movies/TV shows/books/podcasts/apps, etc. management tool, this class is for you. We’ll cover everything from understanding where everything lives, to navigating all the stores, as well as importing your own CD’s, audiobooks, movies, etc. It’s especially helpful if you’re struggling to figure out how to manage what all gets loaded on your iPhone/iPad! Cost for this class is $20, and will be held at the Ridgway Library. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

 Lastly, I will be doing my regular last-Wednesday-of-the-month class at the Library. This month, it’s the FREE Mac iPad/iPhone Overview, on Wednesday, July 29th from 5-7 pm. This class is held in the small meeting room at the Library, and space is limited, so you have to sign up. The Library staff has asked that I handle the sign ups, so give me a call at 970-417-8434 (or drop me an email) if you’d like to attend. (Be aware that first-timers take priority over anyone who has taken the class before, but there are often openings for repeaters).

Hope to see some of you at one of our incredible Ridgway Concert Series events, every Thursday night in July!