Greetings everyone; happy high summer to you all! Aren’t you glad we live where the heat wave is at least tolerable? Keep praying for rain!! On to the class news…

Class list for July 2013:
Sat., July 13th, from 10 am to noon: Social Networking; Ridgway Town Hall
Sat., July 27th, from 10 am to noon: Pages (word processing); Ridgway Town Hall
Wed., July 31st, from 5-7 pm: FREE iPad/iPhone Overview; Ridgway Library
The details:     
 On Saturday, July 13th, from 10 a.m. to noon, I will be revisiting the topic of Social Networking. In this class I will cover Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., etc. The emphasis will be on figuring out how to navigate these wild & wacky social fads, especially as the way these services work is constantly being updated and changed! At the same time, you’ll learn how to maintain the levels of privacy we all prefer. If there’s interest, I will also cover the ways in which these tools can be put to use in marketing a business. Cost for this class is $20, and it’s held at the Ridgway Town Hall. No sign-up is necessary, drop-ins are welcome!
 On Saturday, July 27th, from 10 a.m. to noon, I’m offering my comprehensive class on Apple’s Pages program. In this class you will learn how to master their formidable word-processing/page layout program, which just happens to be a good deal more user-friendly (and fun to use) than Microsoft Word! Cost for this class is also $20, and is also held at the Ridgway Town Hall. As above, no sign-up is necessary, and drop-ins are welcome!
 As you’re hopefully all aware by now, the Ridgway Library has given me the go-ahead to switch up my regular FREE Library classes, which take place on the last Wednesday of every month.
Since January, I’ve been alternating monthly between the Mac OS X Overview and an iPad/iPhone Overview! This month, it’s the FREE iPad/iPhone Overview on Wednesday, July 31st from 5-7 pm. The Mac overview classes are always held in the computer lab at the Ridgway Library, while the iPad/iPhone ones are held in their small meeting room. There are only eight seats available, so you have to sign up, and the Library has asked that I handle the sign ups, so give me a call at 970-417-8434 (or drop me an email) if you’d like to attend. (Be aware that first-timers take priority over anyone who has taken the class before, but there are often openings for repeaters).
For the iPad/iPhone Overview, you’ll need to bring your own device. For the Mac Overview, there are six Macs in the computer lab, so only two of the eight attendees need their own laptops. This class is beginner-oriented, but we cover some different things every month; repeat attendees are encouraged (when there’s room)!
Take care everyone, and have a great month!!
As always, let me know if there’s something else you’d like me to consider covering in the Saturday sessions.