Craziness! December is here already, and I can’t believe how dry it’s been. Last month I said “the snow will soon be flying…”; well come on already, it’s time! We’ve got winter sports to get on with, and Mac classes to come indoors for!! On to the details:
Unfortunately, due to all the holiday festivities and such, I’m afraid I’ve only got time for one class this month. Apologies, but we’ll get back to a full schedule in January, okay?
 For this month’s one class, on Saturday, December 15th, from 10 a.m. to noon, I will once again be offering my in-depth class on the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Now that the iPhone 5 has been out for awhile, it’s time to revisit my class on Apple’s “iDevices”, since they just keep getting better. The iPhone 4S has gotten much cheaper, there’s the new fourth-generation iPad (not to mention the iPad mini) and don’t forget the latest redesigned iPod Touch. They all continue to set standards that the rest of the industry struggles to match. And on top of all that, iOS 6 has recently arrived as well!
Whether you’ve had one of these game-changers for years, are just now jumping on the “iOS” bandwagon with a new iPhone/iPad or iPad mini, or it’s simply time for you to find out what all the fuss is about, this class will teach you everything you need to know about these amazing devices. Cost is $20, and it’s held at the Ridgway Town Hall. No sign-up is necessary, drop-ins are welcome!
 As I said above, the regular free “Overview of Mac OS X” class, which normally takes place on the last Wednesday of every month will be canceled for this month. Please put January 30, 2013, from 5-7 p.m. on your calendar, as that will be the date of the next class.
I hope to have more exciting class news for 2013 in January as well…
Take care everyone, and have a great month!!
As always, let me know if there’s something else you’d like me to consider covering in the Saturday sessions.