I feel like my first-ever iWeb class went well this past Saturday, despite my fear that it might simply be too much to try and cover in two hours. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t give short shrift to the larger background topics of custom domains, hosting, and how to publish. Towards that end. here are a few links to things I discussed that could help you on your way:

• First, the link to GoDaddy that gets you $6.99/year .com domains:
• Next, I shared some ways to get both MobileMe and iLife ’09 for less than Apple charges ($99 and $79, respectively):
MobileMe at Amazon
MobileMe at eBay
iLife ’09 at Amazon
iLife ’09 at eBay
• Next, here’s the link to Apple’s excellent tutorials on most of iWeb’s various features:
• Lastly (though this is quite a bit more complicated than most everything else we discussed) here is a link to PayPal’s instructions for setting up a “buy now” button on your site for selling things:
As always, please feel free to call or email me with questions that may arise as you explore this amazing program in more detail!