I hope you all enjoyed the class(es)! Here are a few resources for exploring more aspects of digital photography, cameras, etc.

First off, some links:

– Apple’s excellent set of tutorials for all their iLife’08 programs: iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, iWeb & iDVD.

– Same as above, only for the previous version, iLife’06.

– An excellent all-around resource for digital photographers (heck, for *all* photographers!)

– another excellent all-around resource. Tons of tutorials and how-tos!

Digital camera review/info sites:
http://www.dpreview.com/ – (my favorite)

Now that you’ve got a tool-belt full of sites to use to further your knowledge about everything digital-imaging related, it’s time you get out there and start shooting some pictures! And remember, the more you take, the better your odds of getting that once-in-a-lifetime keeper! But also remember to be ruthless when first importing a new batch of photos into iPhoto. There is no better time to delete those images that just aren’t up to snuff, and it will make the chore of managing your images so much easier as time goes on…

Have fun!