Hello again, Mac Doctor followers, and a belated happy 2020 to you all! It’s been a while since I posted, due to my usual nutty over-committed life, but I hope you’ll find that your patience is about to be rewarded. ✋🏼🤓🤚🏼

I have great news; my long-awaited Photos for Mac video class is finally ready! This will be my first class with a fee: $20. If you’d like to download the class, you can pay me in any of the following ways, after which I will send you the link to download the class:

  1. Pay me in cash (always welcome 😜)
  2. Write me a check (payable to Mac Doctor, and sent to PO Box 53, Ridgway, 81432; include your email address.)
  3. Use a digital payment service like Square Cash, PayPal or Venmo

The class is 2 hours & 11 minutes long, and covers everything about Apple’s Photos class for Mac, from a detailed tour of the interface, to using the many included tools to manage your photos, to editing and sharing them. I’m excited for you to check it out, and to hear what you think!

Also, I’m happy to be able to share a deal on one of my favorite new accessories for your devices. I got my first Fuse Reel more than a year ago, and love it. Some of you may have seen mine at a Black Canyon Mac User Group meeting, or seen one around elsewhere. Their first product was simply called the Side Winder, and is a brilliant solution to the mess most of us make of our laptop chargers. They’ve not expanded into solutions for iPhone, iPad and Watch chargers & cables, and I gave a bunch of them out as stocking stuffers last Christmas! Anyway, the folks at Fuse Reels have given me a link to share that will get you 15% off of your purchase a Side Winder for your laptop charger:


(Full disclosure, I’ll get a small credit if/when you use that link to buy a Side Winder)

I’m not sure what I should take on next for my video class series, so let me know if you have requests.

I hope your winter has been a good one so far, and that 2020 is shaping up to be a spectacular year for you all.

Take care, John