Welcome to my little wrinkle in the web…

My name is John Clark, and I am a self-employed Apple-specific consultant/technologist living in Ridgway, Colorado, USA.

I was born in Boulder, Colo. in 1958, and moved to Ridgway with my then-girlfriend, now wife, Mallory Clarke, in 1982. Yes, she’s a Clarke with an ‘e’, and I’m a Clark without an ‘e’. Confusing, we know…

My first “career” was in the various forms of art glass, up to, but not including, blown glass. Initially I did leaded glass (aka “stained glass”), after learning all I could about art glass through my job at a wholesale stained glass supply warehouse in Boulder. It all began as a hobby in 1980, and then grew into running Alpine Art Glass in Ridgway from 1985 to 2010 or so. During that time, my work evolved to the point where I was focusing almost exclusively on the more obscure ‘fused glass’ style. In the years between 2005 & 2010, my glass art slowly became more of a hobby as I began to focus on my new Mac Doctor computer business, which I started quietly in the early 2000’s.

Acquiring my first Macintosh computer in 1993 not only allowed me an incredible new level of flexibility in designing my glasswork, it also enabled me to tap into an alternate realm that involves much of the same attention to detail and technical awareness that first attracted me to the glass medium. The Mac Doctor now serves a region from Telluride to Grand Junction, and offers resources such as hardware/software troubleshooting, hardware repairs, as well as classes and one-on-one tutoring.

I hope this site will serve to give the world a chance to see much of my work from the art glass chapter of my life, as well as provide numerous resources regarding the world of technology that I am currently immersed in.