Social Networking Class – February 27th 2010

Links from yesterday’s Social Networking class:

New York Times article that covers the latest Facebook privacy setting changes, and how to change them…
Facebook page that explains the new homepage view…, where you can set up your new account (or not)…, a great site I found that gives you tons of great tips on using Twitter…, the site where you can set up a blogspot blog like this one…, where I found definitive instructions for inserting Google maps into your blog (and which is even better than how I did my original maps to the class locations on the right…)
That last one is not a trivial set of instructions, but I’m confident that you’ll do just fine figuring it out as you get more confident using your Mac. If, however, you go a little cross-eyed trying to figure it out, just drop me and email or give me a call, and I’ll help you figure it out…

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